Market Cultural Report on Spain Essay example

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Selected Market Cultural Report In Spain

Intro -

This report will look at the cultural analysis of Spain, dealing with the country's culture and business culture. It will deal with the cultural components that are prevalent in the country, how the culture affects international business and what business operators can do to operate effectively in Spain.

Reasons for
Selection of Country -

My reasons for selecting Spain for the market cultural report is due to its diverse people and business culture. For example, the people's culture has a wide range of diversity. For example, languages which range from Castilian, Valencian, and Basque. Football is a popular sport in Spain. Spain is well known for its cuisine and wine, an
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The importance of this show of support to family businesses might be deduced from the results of a recent study that compared the demographics of the 1,000 largest Spanish businesses by an increase in numbers, as well as in size and age in the years 1972, 1982 and 1992. The number of family businesses belonging to the top 1,000 Spanish businesses dropped from 40% in1972 to 23% in 1992. Manners at say, the dinner table for instance, is another of Spain's unique customs. For example, dining etiquette for discussing business, pending upon how well developed the relationship with Spanish colleagues are, meals are usually not the time to make business decisions. Only when the associate, brooches the subject of business matters, does the client initiate business talks.


Spain's Business Culture -

For Spain's corporate culture, it has its own business etiquette and customs. For the Spanish, their usual business attire includes well-made, conservative suits and ties. Men for required to wear a conservative dark business suit and tie, even during summer. The only exceptions seem to be programmers, who usually use dressy casuals. The geek look seems to be the standard for programmers in Spain. For the ladies, they should wear dark suits, with skirt or pants.For

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