Essay on Market Analysis : The Gentlemen 's Barbershop

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4. Market Analysis Summary
The Gentlemen’s Barbershop will be firstly operated in Palmerston North and targeted the customers for adult boys and men only. As a student city, it is a good place to open a barbershop business since Palmerston North has so many potential customers that might meet Gentlemen’s Barbershop target. For example, the students in Palmerston North, who will bring more possibilities to be customers for the Gentlemen’s Barbershop. In addition, because the number of student that recently increasing every year, it will also bring an opportunity for Gentlemen’s Barbershop to get more gap for customer’s number every year.
Even though there are some barbershops that have been operated as well in Palmerston North, most of them were quite having a very flat design and not really good haircut that suit for young men. Most of them are also only cut the hair only and not provide either the hair wash or cafeteria for the customers. This is will be our strength and opportunity to get customers because not only operate as a barbershop, but Gentlemen’s Barbershop will also can be a place for the customers to take good pictures and get the haircut from the oldest to the latest style.
Yet, there are some threats and weaknesses as well that Gentlemen’s Barbershop might face from the competitors. As a new barbershop, there are maybe some customers that have suited to some barbershops in Palmerston North and make them afraid to cut their hair in a new place. It can be…

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