Market Analysis Of Hobbiton 's Market Essay

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Market Analysis
From the research I have conducted, I 've found that the majority of Hobbiton 's market is mostly international visitors, which accounts for 86% of their visitors. Domestic visitors make up the remaining 14%. Geographically, Hobbiton 's top 3 markets are Australia, United Kingdom and Japan and the majority of their domestic visitors are from Auckland. In May 2014 New Zealand had a total of 2,784,189 visitors and 1,176,341 of those guests stayed in the Waikato which has increased by 7.7% from 2013. Hobbiton 's main market is created by international visitors who primarily are from Australia. A holiday tracking survey revealed that more Australians use travel agents over the internet when gathering information to assist in booking overseas travel however then use the internet to book their holidays. New Zealand has three key emerging markets being India, Indonesia and Latin America. These three countries strong economic systems are resulting in more outbound travel and investing more in New Zealand tourism which means Hobbiton 's market widens. Target Market
Demographically Hobbiton 's visitors are 55% female and 45% male guests who are aged between 18-30 and aren 't necessarily interested in the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings films but 50% of their visitors have a special interest. Hobbiton 's largest market are FIT 's who either book at the Matamata I-site or walk in at the Shires Rest. Hobbiton 's aim is to have their visitors see them as a quality…

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