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Mark333; Marketing Communications & Advertising
Study Notes Autumn Session

Advertising:- a paid, mediated form of communication from an identifiable source, designed to persuade the receiver to take some action, now or in the future

Roles of Advertising * Communication & Persuasion * Brand Equity * Brand Image * Relationship Marketing

Classifications of Advertising
* National Advertising * Retail/local advertising * Primary vs Selective Demand Advertising

Organisations * Business to Business Advertising * Professional Advertising * Trade Advertising

Advertising Structure

Types of Agencies * Full Service:- full range of marketing, communication and promotion
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In IMC there are 2 types of Integration

Message Integration:- about verbal and visual consistency
Achieved by integrating factors such as Logo, Colours, Theme line, Consistency of Message, Common tone, Shared Personality

Strategic Integration:- brings together all the elements of the IMC mix
Factors include Coordination Strategy, Common Objectives, Contribution to Corporate Mission, Multiple Communications Disciplines, Multiple Audiences, Shared Budget (measures, outcomes), Strong Leadership and Cross Functional Teams

Lecture 3; Week 3; Chapter 4

The Communication Process

Communications:- the exchange of ideas between a sender and receiver

Effective Communications depend on many factors including: * The nature of the message * The audiences interpretation of it * The environment in which it is received

Source/Sender:- a person/organization that has information to share with another person or group of people (the actual organization or a celebrity spokesperson etc)

Forms of Encoding * Verbal:- Spoken Word, Written Word, Song lyrics * Graphic:- Pictures, Drawings, Charts * Musical:- Arrangement, instrumentation, voices * Animation:- Action/Motion, Pace/Speed, Shape/Form

Message Factors * The message contains the information or meaning the source intends to convey * Messages must be put into a transmittable form appropriate to the channel * Messages communicate meaning at multiple levels *

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