Essay on Mark Zuckerberg As A Leader Who Has Played A Great Role

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I chose to write about Mark Zuckerberg as a leader who has played a great role in the
Facebook company.
Social early childhood and schooling
Mark Zuckerberg was the second born in a family of four being the only boy. The father was a dentist and the mother a psychiatrist. He got interested in programming while still in elementary school. He was taught Atari BASIC Programming when 10 years old and developed messenger called ZuckNet using the Atari programming which his father installed on his computer and it was used for communication between the house and the the dental health care to inform of arrival of a new patient. He continued developing games just for fun. His father hired a computer tutor to give his son private lessons. In high school he developed an artificially intelligent media player which could study somebody’s preferences and come up with a play list for them. Microsoft corporation got interested in it and wanted to buy it but he rejected their idea and even an offer to cooperate with them. He did the same to other IT giants too.
Secondary/Tertiary education background
Mark studied at Academy of Phillips Exeter, an exclusive preparatory school and showed good results in science and literature and received a degree in Classics. He was also talented in fencing and was in the school fencing team. Mark stayed fascinated in coding and wanted to develop a new software.
He later joined Harvard University and by the second year he had become famous as a

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