Personal Narrative: My Experience With The Natural World

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In chapter one, Wright mentions a profound experience he had with the natural world that eventually helped form his life. I understand that completely. It is one of the reasons I love to sit outside and just watch nature. I can never predict what I will see or what it will mean to me, but I can always guarantee that I will see something stunning. I had the privilege of enjoying our campus pond the other day. I was sitting on a rock watching pieces of dried flower heads of cattails fly off and over the water. It almost looked like snow. I admired the birds and insects. It 's a true wonder that our God is the creator of things such as these. However, something hit deep inside me as I was making my way back to the dorms. Two flowers really caught my attention. It was a small sight and I 'm not really sure why or how I saw them, but I am thankful that I did. The two beauties came from a small, grass-like bush; one rose above and radiantly caught the sunlight while the other drooped over, almost lying on the ground at the opposite end. This second one intrigued me. The petals that touched the ground were hurt and damaged even though the others were living beautifully. Its petals were a little rounder and softer than the suspended flower 's whose petals were outstretched, coming more to a pointed shape. I looked at these two flowers and saw an aspect of the world I live in. In life, we may come from opposite ends of the spectrum, but we are all created and blossomed from one hand. However, there are those who are shining and rising above those who are in low …show more content…
In doing so, it is almost a form of praise to the creator. Science and religion have often been put on opposite ends, when in reality Christianity can easily include science and still go beyond it into issues that science doesn 't

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