Essay about Mark Twain 's The Damned Human Race

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Mark Twain: “The Damned Human Race”
The essay “The Damned Human Race”, written by Mark Twain may be a direct prophecy of current day society and shows that the human race between then and now has not changed in its’ animalistic behaviors and vicious path to mere destruction. For centuries we have thought of ourselves, not as mammals, but as humans, a superior race that has evolved past that of our sister species.
Mark Twain uses a lot of irony, satire, and an unsubtle attempt to use a scientific method which provides the readers with an effective, but less than flawless argument as to why humans are the lowest of animals leading to question his findings and the legitimacy behind his work. Mark Twain succeeds at providing facts that support his claim of humans having descended from animals, and not the other way around, his bias pessimism towards the human race in general emanates from his writing. It seemed as though, Mr. Twain did not allow the reader an opportunity to gather any contrary evidence of his beliefs, further limiting the legitimacy of his argument. In Twains’ essay he provides sound reasons as to why he beliefs humans are inferior to animals, all of which are conveyed in an effective manner forcing the reader to be drawn in to his web of fallacies and certain facts of mankind. He makes strong statements which are generally believed to be true of humans and not animals, and elaborates to pinpoint the issues with the human race. An example from Twains’ essay is…

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