Essay about Mark Twain 's Life On The Mississippi

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Freedom “Life on the Mississippi,” is a book written by Mark Twain, set in the 1800’s. Wherefore, this is a book about his life on a steamboat. Indeed, Twain was born as Samuel L. Clemons in Missouri in eighteen thirty-five. This book is realistic and is based on determination. The book is focusing on the life of Twain’s (the author) childhood through his desperation by conniving his way onto the Paul Jones in order to travel the Mississippi River (Bethel, 1982).
Although, Twain wrote about his life and experiences while growing up in Missouri. At the same time, Brian McCammack wrote how Twain had a “fascination with competence and power.” Not to mention, how Twain admires traits of both powerful and competent characters (McCammick, 2006). Furthermore, McCammack composes that “embedded in discussion of power and competence are conflicting romantic visions of radically individualistic western American character”.
However, in the student’s opinion, she does not view Twain’s writing about power. For the most part, the student sees Twain writing about how people were back in those days. Not to mention, life as he saw it growing up in Missouri (Bethel, 1982). Therefore, he discussed what the places were like, and how things felt during the mid-eighteen hundreds. Moreover, McCammack writes how Twain repeatedly expresses inconsistency toward powerful characters in his texts, even though; competent characters are nearly always revered.
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