Mark Twain : The Biography Essay

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Mark Twain: The Biography of Mark Twain
Born as Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Though he was raised in Missouri, Mark Twain family originated from Kentucky (Bloom 6). Ancestry interested Samuel Clemens as it did his mother, though the history of the family lines on both sides is sketchy. On the Clemens side, the name appears in an ancient book by the Suetonius. The authors mother, Jane Lampton, took pride in what she believed to be her family ancestry. Her father’s side traced their origins to the Lamptons who lived in Durham, England (Kirk 1-2). He always spoke more frequently and highly of his mother than his father. One of the same traits that he inherited from his father was his tendency to make poor business decisions (Kirk 7). Samuel was born November 30,1835, two months prematurely. They didn’t think that he was going to live. The story goes that Jane was sure of his short time on earth that she let John, Samuels father name him. John named him after his own father Sam. Langhorne was the name of his close friend. With a growing family and a new environment John and Jane were very busy, and their children didn’t receive much attention as they might have liked. (Kirk 9). On March 24,1847, John Clemens died. Samuel Clemens was not yet 12 years old. From that day on, the heavenly place for a boy gave way to a more complicated place for a boy rushing into manhood. (Kirk 19). His mother died October 27,1890 (Kirk 105).
Mark Twain was a showman and a shaman, a celebrity and a…

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