Mark Twain And Jack London 's San Francisco Earthquakes Essays

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Mark Twain and Jack London’s San Francisco Earthquakes

Earthquakes are devastating tremors that cause serious damage. Mark Twain and Jack London describe two earthquakes they witnessed in San Francisco. In Mark Twain’s essay, he uses a satirical and humorous approach when describing human reaction towards the sudden earthquake, through a first point of view, and carefully chosen descriptive words. Jack London, on the other hand, focuses mainly on the effects the earthquake had on the city. He uses a defeated tone, personification, and no human interaction to clarify his argument. Both writers captivate the audience through their tones, descriptive words, and points of view.

Mark Twain’s sole purpose of his essay was to explain how all the people mentioned in the essay react in cowardly ways and how vulnerable people feel when earthquakes and other natural disasters occur. His essay’s primary focus is not the earthquake and aftermath created, but focuses on humans hilarious method when dealing with sudden disaster. “The minister, with uplifted hands, was just closing the services. He glanced up, hesitated and said: “However, we will omit the benediction!”- and the next instant there was a vacancy in the atmosphere where he had stood”. The minister is only one example out of innumerable demonstration of humans acting “insensible from the fright”. In addition, Twain uses first person point of view to introduce the essay. “While I was in San Francisco, I enjoyed my first…

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