Mark Casp 's Career Path Essay

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A thorough understanding of leadership, personality, motivation, decision-making, and communication theories are important aspects in business management. While this writer obtains insight into these topics facilitated through coursework, instruction, colleagues, and academic research, further insight is revealed through knowledge gained by contacting Mark Casp for a knowledgeable discussion of leadership. Mark Casp is an expert in the business management field, having owned and led a highly regarded and successful business for 24 years. As a result of the interview, specific business management models will be brought together into a research and reflection paper.

How does an individual possessing an entrepreneurial spirit get to the point of owning and leading his own successful company? Through formal education and abundant practical experience, partnered with a will to seek new opportunities, to stay abreast of community, industry, and world happenings, and to endlessly gain knowledge. Mark Casp’s career path is a continuous progressive movement, beginning with a formal education. His Bachelor’s degree in engineering facilitated a career path with a large multi-national conglomerate. Beginning as a chemical engineer, moving through the ranks of managing departments, and entire production divisions, Casp ended up in the corporate offices, and was able to finish up his Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Obtaining an MBA provided Casp “a sense of…

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