Baldwin's Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Cognitive development is emergence of the ability to think and understand, and as time progressed we as humans began to reason and understand why there is an emergence of the ability to think and understand at a higher order within our civilizations history. From what began as Jean Piagets understanding of the operational stages of cognitive development. With an emergence of this and a new field of study, neuroscience, there was an overlap between cognitive development and how the psychology of humans influences higher-order development. We begin to see the dispute between higher-order conscious development vs. psychological process and the similarities and differences in the conceptualization of cognitive development.

The ability
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Baldwin constructed the step-wise theory based on his interpretation of observable data. Baldwin conducted a lot of experimental studies but one sticks out, it deals with the role of mental development and how it is impacted by infant-reaching. Baldwin saw an astonishing connection where he realized that mental development and physical development in a child are correlative, and are a key marker. And at a deeper understanding, he noticed that children understand behavior in, “stages,” or “steps.” Baldwin also observed that repetition of an infant’s movement lead to the advancement of that behavior, they were able to take the baby steps to allow them to delve into more tedious and complex concepts. Baldwin rooted his step-wise theory of individual development in his theory of evolution, which he called “organic …show more content…
Certain offspring would be at a higher likelihood to have an increased capacity for learning new skills. This theory would show reason for selected offspring to be at a higher learning level rather than being restricted to hereditarily fixed, relatively static abilities. In the grand scheme, this theory places emphasis on the idea that sustained behavior of a group can vary the rate of their cognitive evolution. The Baldwin effect is a proposal that hereditary factors shape the genome as much as, or more than, natural selection pressures. Cognitive development has been established as a variation of a process that every individual goes through, however, there are key differences that have shaped our developmental aspects which have only furthered the natural selection process in humans. Just as much as the biological aspect of, “survival of the fittest,” the phrase can relate to the psychological aspect of cognitive development in humans. Baldwin supposed that there were steps that were taken when an infant was to move on to higher level more complex actions, there has to be a stage in development where certain individuals have an advantage in the mechanism of comprehending how to move on to more complex actions or higher level

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