Essay about Marital Satisfaction And Marital Stability

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While several factors are predictors of divorce, there are also predictors of marital stability. Marital satisfaction is a major predictor of marital stability, or more specifically, eventual divorce (Tach & Halpern-Meekin, 2012). Marital satisfaction, interchangeable with marital happiness describes marriage in which both spouses are relatively happy with the marriage–marital satisfaction has become the measure of a good marriage in American culture (Amato, 2014).
Marital satisfaction has become the measure of a successful marriage, despite the fact that marital satisfaction does not remain the same throughout the lifetime of a marriage (Amato, 2014). Relationship satisfaction is typically high at the time of marriage, however there is a decrease in marital satisfaction overtime (Halford, Lizzio, Wilson, & Occhipinti, 2007). For example, many women experience a decline in marital satisfaction after the birth of their first child (Dew & Wilcox, 2011). In a recent study, researchers demonstrated that newlywed’s initial optimism about marriage did not predict long-term satisfaction in marriage. Instead, there was a significant decline of marital satisfaction from the time of marriage to four years later, despite the fact that couples forecasted that their satisfaction would either stay the same or increase the longer they were married (Lavner et al., 2012). Possibly because of the fixation on satisfaction in marriage rather that other factors, the likelihood of divorce…

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