Marion Barry Scandal

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Scandals can either make or break your reputation. In the cases of Marion Barry and Anita Hill, the end result of their scandals were the opposite of each other. Marion Barry & his scandal are an example of how there is a legacy that can come from what is done during the process of the scandal & how the media plays into scandals after they happen. Anita Hill is an example as to how the media can manipulate someone’s side of the story. I will explain how the media played into each scandal & how the documentaries made about them play into their legacies as scandals.
In The Nine Lives of Marion Barry, the legacy of the scandal goes on with the focus of Barry running for the head of District 8 of Washington D.C., especially after all of his previous run ins, arrests, & issues with being caught with or using crack. With his persistence of running for office, the people believing in him & his ability to work the government, he has persisted in having a high level of popularity with the people of Washington, despite his issue with drugs. Media plays in here with talking about his constant downfalls with drugs, but in the documentary presenting
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When she came out with sexual harassment accusations against Clarence Thomas, the reaction was negative. Here is a man that is eligible for a position as a Supreme Court Justice with full support and endorsement from President H.W. Bush, now with accusations of sexual harassment against him from a former co-worker. The media made Anita & her position on the situation out to be the one that was on trial for the situation. Her entire life was now bombarded with media attention even though she was a witness in the case rather than being the one on trial. In a way, the media played a role in that Anita Hill was made out to be, even in her own documentary, to be the one who did something wrong rather than bringing to light the wrong doings of another person (Mock,

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