Marine Science Personal Statement

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When I was in seventh grade I had a biology teacher, Mrs. Greenfelder, that changed my life. My experiences, through her leadership, instilled a love of science. Her passion and knowledge of the subjects was inspiring. She lived the science and made it relative to my everyday life. Soon after, I was driven to a pursue a career in the biology field. After taking some time away from my career to prepare my young children for school, I am excited to pursue my professional goals. I would like the opportunity to instill the same love of science in another person.

While completing my bachelor’s degree, I worked as an environmental technician, dealing with asbestos abatement, lead contamination, and indoor air quality. After graduating, I accepted a position with the Arkansas Department of Health as an environmental technologist working to ensure source water protection under the Safe Drinking Water Act. After a couple of years, I was offered a position with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department as an environmental specialist. In this role, I worked to ensure that all highway workers, civil engineers, and administrative personal were properly trained and observed federal regulations set forth by the EPA. I worked extensively with my partner to rework the entire NPDES and MS4 permit
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I realized during my time volunteering in the schools and work at the Highway Department that I love education. This program is focused on teachers looking to further their knowledge of science and advance a career in education. By gaining a graduate level knowledge in all the areas of biological sciences, I could combine my previous experiences to enable students a real world understanding of biology. Receiving this advanced degree will allow me to combine my passion for science and education, and hopefully I will be a teacher like Mrs.

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