Research Paper On Ocean Pollution

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The effect that marine pollution has on people’s lives, often goes unnoticed. “Out of sight, out of mind,” is what author Ted Danson said in his book, Oceana. If people knew how their everyday life effected the ocean, they would be appalled. The oceans are dying right in front of people’s eyes, yet they continue to contribute to the ocean’s downfall. Only when you look below the surface, when you really dive deep, do you begin to understand what great peril the oceans are truly in. The oceans are needed now more than ever, but they will not be around much longer if the human race continues to destroy them. “No water, No life. No blue, No green.” – Sylvia Earle. The oceans are dying, and life as we know it is dying right
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The oceans are suffering far more than the general population realizes. People tend to view the oceans as an indestructible force simply because they are so vast. This mentality is what is destroying the oceans. Marine pollution is causing failure in the reproductive systems of aquatic animals. Marine pollution is causing the coral reefs to shrink. Oxygen levels in the ocean are decreasing on a daily basis. Ocean temperatures are rising. Animals are ingesting large numbers of plastic and toxic waste. All because of …show more content…
Toxins become embedded in the tissue of fish. These fish are caught, slaughtered, and then sold to restaurants and the general public. Once the fish are ingested, the toxins embedded in the fish are spread throughout the human body. These toxins cause cancer, reproductive system failure, birth defects, and many other complications.
The quality of water has decreased dramatically over the years. The earth’s water supply has been trashed, destroyed, and polluted by the people who need it most. The oceans are full of waste products, debris, plastic, and so many other harmful substances. Clean water is becoming harder and harder to find, and pretty soon there won’t be enough to support human and animal life.
Future generations will be affected by the choices that are made today. A cliché though, I know, but it is true. Every little choice a person makes has an impact, especially when these choices have to do with the environment. I may be just one piece of trash that someone throws on the ground, but those one pieces add up. It may be just one little oil spill, but the oil builds up. It may be just one barrel of toxic chemicals, but the barrels add up. “We destroy life and we pollute the oceans and skies, yet we have the audacity to call ourselves superior beings.” – Anthony Douglas

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