Marine Parks Should Be Shut Down Essay

806 Words Dec 7th, 2016 4 Pages
My opinion is shared with the author that marine parks should be shut down. I am opposed to keeping large mammals in captivity for our amusement and pleasure. They belong in the wild and we should devote our resources to animal reserves that protect the species, like a wildlife rescue centre. In this generation with today 's photo and video technology, the ability to travel worldwide, and the internet, animals can be filmed in their natural environment and do not need an aquarium to see these animals. Researchers can study them in their natural habitat.

In the wild, often take place to take such wonderful mammals and make spectacles of in poor conditions .that are clearly harmful to them, for the shallow purposes of entertainment science, and/ or more likely for pure capital gains is totally wrong, Immoral, and should be, classified as a crime. Cruelty to animals and such actions labeled anti human, then, to belittle these majestic mammals, by subjecting them to being gawked at all day by humans and have to perform acts and tricks for food. Really how arrogant do we want get? It actually says more about us than it can ever tell us about them which show how cruel humans are. For all of these reasons they must be in a constant state of stress. All animals should otherwise remain in the wild.

What makes it even more unacceptable. Is, in today’s world with technology we have accomplish everything the arguments for retaining such parks claim in their justifications , for…

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