Marine Corps And The Corps Essay

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Since the creation of the United States Marine Corps on 10, November 1775 men and women have sought to earn the title of Marine. There are only two places in the world where Marine recruits are trained. Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, California and Paris Island, South Carolina. For women there is only one place to receive training to become a Marine and the location is Paris Island South Carolina. However unlike other branches of the military Marine recruits training is not integrated between males and females. Some believe that male and female recruits should have integrated training. However Marine recruits should not have integrated training until they reach their third phase of training. Marine Corps basic training is a total of thirteen weeks of nonstop physical train. The Marine Corps boot camp is separated into three phases and each phase serves a different purpose for train specific customs of the Marine Corps to the recruits. Before the recruits begin their first phase they go through Receiving which is where recruits will fill out required paperwork, go through all medical screenings and receive vaccines, get issued all necessary uniforms and gear, and take their first IST initial strength test to measure the recruits physical conditioning. At the end of the receiving week they will meet their drill instructors who will be responsible for them for the rest of recruit training. The primary goal of phase one is to break down the recruit from a civilian to…

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