Marine Biology And How They Affect The Environment Essay

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Marine Biology and How they Affect the Environment In the sea there are a lot of things still undiscovered, special things that could be extremely useful towards humanity, as long as it is helpful towards both humanity and the environment. The importance for marine scientists is great, for if we did not have such scientists the oceans would have been neglected and possibly dead by now.The way marine scientists use their skills to help the sea’s beautiful environment stay beautiful, is amazing they use the knowledge they have at their disposal to study creatures and plants that are from a whole other world. Such plants and animals that only the really lucky get to really see and experience.

The love of the ocean and her creatures has always been what a marine biologist is all about. I was always fascinated with the job of marine biologist. “Most people are familiar with the term “marine biologist” but what they do not know is that there is not actually a job title called marine biologist in the science field there are many different fields that could be considered marine biology but it is not an official title”(Careers in Marine Biology). I like that there is not a title for marine biologist “Life in the oceans imposes a series of stresses on marine mammals unknown to their terrestrial relatives.”(Anderson, vii), I love this quote, it describes the main objective of marine scientists to let others know of the struggles we are causing marine creatures, and that even though…

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