Marijuana Use And Medicinal Marijuana Essay

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Variation in the purpose of marijuana use can cause blurred lines between the differences of medicinal and recreational marijuana – resulting in the two different purposes to be viewed as similar activities allowing stigma to form. Alice C. Titus, United States Representative of Nevada’s first congressional district, discusses in her article, Puff, Puff, Pass… That Law, how veterans can benefit from the implementation of marijuana in the medical field by reducing the need for prescription medicine. She explains the distinguishing factors between medical and recreational use as: “in order for an individual to legally obtain and use medical marijuana, a doctor must recommend the drug for use in treating a diagnosed medical condition.” (Titus 41). Based on Titus’ research, protocol requires a healthcare professional in states where medical marijuana is legal to feel that marijuana will be beneficial to treat of a severe aliment (41). Thus, users of medicinal marijuana strictly partake in using marijuana because of necessity to treat medical conditions and keep symptoms to a minimum – not for leisure like recreational users.
Medical cannabis is prohibited by the United State Constitution, but allowed in some states via state constitutional amendments, therefore, lack of consistency regarding medical marijuana policies is prevalent (Titus 42). Titus explains the court case of Gonzales v. Raich granted Congress the ability to prohibit any activity involving marijuana, however,…

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