Marijuana Use And Medicinal Marijuana Essay

1375 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Marijuana, or cannabis, has been used since the dawn of man for its medicinal purposes; however, over the years it has been deemed void of any medicinal use and made illegal by the federal government. History has shown how marijuana was commonly recommended for medicinal use, then over the years has been made out to be something horrible and wrong. The illegalization of cannabis has had negative effects on everyone needing its medicinal properties, such as jailing; or having to resort to the use of prescription drugs which could eventually lead to substance abuse or addiction. Cannabis has many medicinal uses and could lessen the uncomfortable symptoms associated with their illness or disease. Why are there so many opposed to the use of medicinal marijuana? Although there are many benefits to using marijuana medicinally, it is being portrayed negatively because of misinformation and its CSA Scheduling.
In the beginning, physicians advocated the use of marijuana medicinally. In 1879, Dr. R. Greene, a London physician, recommended daily doses of cannabis for the prevention of migraines (Baron, E. P. 2015). This use was advocated by many of the top physicians of the 19th and early decades of the 20th century. The ever increasing use of medicinal marijuana was eventually dampened “by political factors in the United States consisting of propaganda that stated cannabis was a drug of abuse used by minority and low-income communities, along with a campaign by Harry…

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