Marijuana Should Not Be Beneficial Essay

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Marijuana has been proven to be beneficial in treating a myriad of physical and psychological conditions, such as glaucoma, anxiety, and the painful symptomology of chronic illnesses. Thus it is no surprise that research into the medicinal properties of marijuana has spurred its legalization for medicinal use in 25 states as of 2016. However federally, marijuana is still classified as a schedule 1 drug and thus not designated for use in any form in many states. As a result of this contentious debate, many disparities arise in its distribution, patient qualifications, and healthcare provider responsibilities. Ultimately the main point of contention is the definition of recreational versus medicinal use of marijuana and who is qualified to distinguish between the two.
There is a significant disparity between legalization and usage among the patient population. Nurses are foremost patient advocates and thus must maneuver around medical marijuana as a complementary therapy and its safety and legal implications. Medical marijuana is often used to ameliorate the symptoms such as pain associated with chronic illness and is oftentimes an integral component to palliative care. Therefore, nurses should be knowledgeable about the symptomology of marijuana and adequate patient teaching is integral to the success of medical marijuana. Arguments arise about the safety of marijuana since there is not enough research into the effects of marijuana and with its legalization for medical…

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