Essay On Marijuana Legalization

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The Marijuana Legalization Marijuana, better known as Weed or Cannabis, is one of the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States and another part of the world. Many people advocates consider marijuana a harmless, or even beneficial, substance that should be made legal. Making marijuana legal would help the United States economic, unemployment rate, and even reduce the national debt of United States. “Also among the arguments for legalizing marijuana is its purported value in treating symptoms of serious diseases including AIDS, glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and chronic pain.” Some states already have passed laws permitting the use of Marijuana for medical purpose. Although” it can be medically beneficial for some …show more content…
This would happen because by legalizing Marijuana many jobs would be created, and those people that buy Marijuana illegally would find themselves to buy it legally, taking down the black market of Marijuana. If Marijuana gets legalize it should be tax and those tax should be super high, that would prevent people from buying it all the time and it would help the government collect more taxes. The legalization of Marijuana would also force many people to work. By legalizing Marijuana, all of those people that are dedicated to sell and distribute what is now illegal, would find themselves forced to stop selling drugs, get an education and find a job where they would be able to get enough money to live a good life. This would happen because if Marijuana gets legalize the government should have control of who sells Marijuana, who is doing it the right way, and who is just taking advantage of this substance. Anyone found selling Marijuana without the rights permits and licenses should be imprisoned. The main reason why most of the people, businessmen, and political people want Marijuana to be legalized is because of the positive economic impact it would have in the

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