Essay on Marijuana Being A New Cure

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Intro Many people have been bias about the topic of Marijuana being a new cure that helps patients with illnesses instead of pharmaceutical drugs helping the patients die quicker. As we know the cost of pharmaceutical drugs are going up in price by the minute, but there have been some studies that Marijuana is helping more patients and its less cost effective then medicine. We know that many people are against marijuana drug, and we have a lot of politicians that are fighting that this drug to be more harmful then good for patients. Many States are starting to follow Colorado and Washington, but the federal government is starting to patent the drug as well as pharmaceuticals are researching the drug to sell as we know they are there to make a buck not help the patients. Studies have it that people don’t want to do the research or listen to the new opportunities that this drug is becoming safer and better for the body instead of putting medical drugs into the body which is killing a person faster.
Medical Marijuana Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, yet it 's still a controversial topic in the U.S. Since Colorado and Washington State have become the first two states to legalized medical marijuana. It has been a huge success for each state and the states are profiting from the success of the drug. There have been a lot of studies that marijuana is helping people with illnesses or deadly conditions and it is known to be safer than the…

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