Marijuana And The Effect Of Marijuana Essay

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Marijuana and the Effects Marijuana is a commonly used drug in America (Downes 1). Its use has been around for a long time now. Recent results from research on the use of marijuana indicate that its use by young people increases by almost ten percent per year (Philip 1). These results coincide with the positive attitude by youths towards the effects and risks of consuming marijuana (Lane 2). The marijuana tree grows in many parts of the world. The Cannabis Sativa is the plant, which produces marijuana. The plant has Tetrahydrocannabinol, a chemical that causes alteration of the normal functioning of body organs such as the mind and heart when ingested (3). According to medical experts marijuana leads to both long-term and short effects, which could either be positive or negative (Letter from the Director 1). The use of marijuana affects both the user and society at large (The New York Times Calls for Marijuana Legalization 1). The effects on society are long-term in that it affects the lives of the users, other people, and their future. The use of marijuana risks the life of children and community safety (Wegman 1). Marijuana leads to dependency by the users and treatment costs to the family members of the users, which amounts to extra burden, other than the normal household expenses. Consequently, a person ends up denying other members of the family some basic needs, including education just to provide for medication of marijuana addiction, which is very expensive to…

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