Essay about Marijuana Advantage and Disadvantages

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People should pay attention to the controversy about marijuana. Marijuana may not kill in a situation such as an automobile accident. In this paper it talks about the risks and benefits of using marijuana. Suicide, mental disorders, and worse depression can be bigger risks of using marijuana. All together marijuana can be less dangerous than other things such as alcohol and other drugs The medical benefits of marijuana are very helpful. Marijuana can relieve the pain of AIDs, multiple sclerosis, and the pain of heavy chemotherapy. It relieves the pain of glaucoma on the eye. Prohibition is similar to the controversy about marijuana. Many wanted alcohol outlawed just like marijuana. Even though alcohol was prohibited there were
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That may be why depressed teens can be more than twice as likely as their peers to abuse or become dependent on marijuana. Most teens that have depression are not getting the professional help they need.
According to a survey, two-million youth, 8% felt depressed at some point in the course of a year. When the survey for teenagers was completed, an even higher 29% felt depressed in the course of a year. Many of these teens say that marijuana helps them relax and “feel better”. But depressed teens who use marijuana are 40% more likely to develop mental disorders. Then the risk of psychosis increases from 50% to 200%. To an extent the drug can be harmful because of depression.
Marijuana supporters may be highly opposed from companies like DuPont and paper manufacturers but these companies will not prevent the legalization of marijuana. But marijuana should be legalized due to illness relief. Mental disorders and suicide are the only bad things to come from this, and these can be helped if the depressed teens and adults get professional help and medication. Prohibition could be like this controversy because many people did not like alcohol and thought it was bad for people to drink it. Was There Something Similar To This Controversy
Prohibition used to be the legal act of prohibiting the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. This term can be also applied to historical

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