Essay about Marijuan The Downfall Of Today 's Youth

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Marijuana: The Downfall of Today’s Youth
In November 2012, after years of pressure, the states of Colorado and Washington legalized the recreational use of marijuana. The youth of these states rejoiced. Thousands rushed to stake their claim in the marijuana business. Since then, the two states have seen surprisingly little change. Many Americans expected the result to be one of two extremes: a significant economic boom and greater living, or high criminality, increased addiction, and a moral decline. Considering the recentness of the law, research on long-term effects is varied, but short term effects have shown both good and bad results. There is little doubt to the benefits of medical marijuana. Although sometimes questionable, medical marijuana is shown to be a great counter to seizure disorders, muscle spasms, and more. At the same time, there is no doubt of the dangers of said drug. It is undeniable that marijuana causes multiple negative short term and long term effects, just like any other narcotic. This is a clear fact. What is worrying is the lack of action to this from Americans everywhere. Shortly after the legalization of recreational marijuana, a Seattle citizen and NPR interviewee states, “...Somebody smoking on the street is kind of not uncommon. [...] There 'll be guys, you know, quietly passing a joint and think they 're being clever, like someone making a joke about munchies sales going up in Seattle.” [Dave 1]. The news transcript continues to go on…

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