Essay about Marijuan Breaking Down The Buzz

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The mind of man has an incredible capacity to find justifications for anything, no matter how bad it is. According to the article from the New York Times, “Marijuana: Breaking Down the Buzz” it was discovered in the 1920’s that tobacco cigarettes cause cancer. However, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that smoking levels began to drop. Despite overwhelming evidence, it took 40 years for people to accept the dangers of inhaling cigarette smoke, but millions still smoke today! Now history is repeating itself with marijuana. New scientific evidence shows the health risks of smoking marijuana, including brain and lung damage, yet people continue to use this illicit drug that is not even legal for recreational use in 47 out of 50 states. Marijuana is a physically and psychologically damaging drug that should be avoided, especially by teenagers who are still developing cognitively.
One main argument to legalize marijuana is that it can be good for the economy by creating new products to be purchased and generating money from taxes. According to the article by Ken MacQueen, “Strict Control of Cigarette Sales,” it was predicted that Colorado would make about $20 million in revenue from the sale of marijuana. In British Columbia, a province in Canada, researchers estimate that marijuana sold for recreational use will make “$500 million a year in taxation and licensing revenues” (MacQueen). Those for legalization of marijuana also believe it will provide more income for those who grow and…

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