Marijuan Benefit Or Life Threatening Essay

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Marijuana: Benefit or Life-Threatening (working title)

Imagine a world where theft is allowed, car accidents are apart of daily life, and people are contracting illnesses left and right. Imagine a world where people are not motivated to do well and mediocrity is accepted. It’s a simple drug that has the ability to cause many problems to a person 's overall health and society as a whole. Presently, this issue has divided the nation into two groups: those who think marijuana is dangerous and those who want it legalized for therapeutic purposes. I believe that Marijuana should be illegal because of its life-threatening and harmful effects toward our health and society.

Firstly, Marijuana has gained popularity ever since its increased usage in the 1960’s. But its use as a medicinal drug dates back to 2737 B.C.. Shen Neng, a mystical Chinese emperor at this time, authorized Marijuana for malaria, gout, rheumatism and even poor memory. In fact, medical Marijuana is still being researched today as a reliever for gout, a disease that causes arthritis in the feet (Mitch Earlywine). Even back then, the Chinese emperors warned their citizens of the effects of large doses. It would lead to “seeing devils” and “communicating with the spirits”, which today, is known as a “high”. Cannabis, Marijuana’s scientific name, would soon be spread from India to Rome to Greece as a pain reliever for a variety of illnesses. As the drug spread, more and more medicinal uses came about. This…

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