Marietta V. Lorenz Case Analysis Essay

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Applicable Law & Principles:
”At will employment” means that the Company does not offer tenured or guaranteed employment for any period of time to any employee without an employment contract or written direction from the CEO/President.
In at will employment either the Company or the employee can terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice.
This does not mean that employers can arbitrarily fire employees without good faith communication, fairness, and non-discriminatory practices. In fact, courts are increasingly finding for employees in litigation. Employers must demonstrate a good faith effort to correct the employee's performance or the other issues that led to employment
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Lorenz was the principal investigator at Marietta’s research and development department on multiple NASA projects which involved the design of the equipment for the U.S. space shuttle program. This position held Lorenz responsible for the organization and quality control of the projects under his assignment. During this period Lorenz had concerns over 3 NASA projects titled the NDI Contract, the Mixed Mode Contract, and the Tug Irad Contract. These were projects that developed from proposals from NASA for equipment in the space shuttle program. During his time with Marietta, Lorenz had 3 major disputes the first began with the NDI Contract. This was intended to analyze the quality of the materials used in the design of an external tank for a space shuttle. During the review process evaluating the status of this data Lorenz brought his concerns to the team stating that the testing sequence was inadequate and that existing data would not allow designers to build a safe external tank within the new pricing guidelines. Because Lorenz was recommending additional testing and adding to the costs his concerns were not well received by management. When no action had been taken after he addressed his concerns Lorenz chose to reach out to the appropriate person at NASA himself. This NASA project manager was please by his honest and straightforward approach and put together a technical review. Lorenz was assigned to take the

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