Maria's Case Challenges Of Culture Diversity In The Workforce

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Culture Diversity in the Workforce
Margaret Lo
DeVry University

Culture Diversity in the Workforce

America is a melting pot country made up of immigrants from all over the world. This diversity does not only bring various fortune, intelligence, resources, but their culture, beliefs, and traditional customs as well. As the world evolves, most organizations and companies adapt the concept and include culture diversity policies in the work environment. However, that does not mean discrimination, prejudice, and glass ceilings do not exist. According to Forbes’ study, this is partially due to “middle management failing to execute diversity programs adequately”. However, it can all change within company cultures and it all begins with the hiring practices.
Maria’s Case Scenario
Maria, a Latina, filed a complaint with her company as she feels she was unfairly eliminated for a promotion due to her gender and culture. She is a native-born American citizen with a graduate degree and is a loyal employee to her company of ten years. However, the hiring manager hired Alex, an Anglo, who also has a graduate degree but has spent less time with the
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All of these factors create one’s cultural lifestyle. These cultural differences can be easily “glass ceiling”, discriminated, and prejudiced during an interview which can decrease the possibility of obtaining job opportunities. However, culture diversity plays an important role in business environments. Each individual has their own unique set of experiences and skills, which allows them to perceive in their own way. The various experiences that employees have can help enhance or diminish a company’s culture and progress. There will be challenges and opportunities, but it all depends on how their employees are treated from the initial interview to employment, and how a company continues to maintain their diversity

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