Marian Is Not The Kind Of Heroine Essay examples

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Despite having a higher education and still unmarried above the age of 20, Marian 's ultimate goals seems to be raising a family with Peter, even if social conventions are likely to play a bigger role in this than psychoanalysis or her own desires: “Of course I 'd always assumed through highschool and college that I was going to marry someone eventually and have children, everyone does” (123,124). This alone puts Peter in a position of power within their relationship. Marian is not the kind of heroine who likes to swim against the tide, and she appears to be rather conservative when it comes to her concept of family. When Ainsley announces is that she is going to have a baby, Marian 's immediate response is: “You mean you 're going to get married?” (41). She is anxious to meet standards, although it often seems like personally she does not really care about her relationship or the prospect of having children. She merely sees no other option, and she makes her relationship with Peter work out of necessity.
Marian and Peter 's relationship is dominated by rationality rather than emotions. Although they claim to love each other, Marian 's descriptions of Peter are analytical and lack emotion. Having met at a garden party after Marian 's graduation, Marian is first attracted to his good, yet conventional looks. She describes him as “ordinariness raised to perfection” (69), appreciating his public image, and the way it makes her look: “Ainsley had once called him 'nicely…

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