Maria Rodriguez And Jose Hernandez Essay

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On April 8, 1995 Maria Hernandez was born to Rocio and Jose Hernandez. Her parents were both illegal immigrants from Mexico. Maria makes their fifth child; three girls and two boys. Maria’s parents are only twenty-seven years young and both have very little formal education. While Maria’s mother is left home to take care of the children; her father struggles to make ends meet for their family working with local construction. Having low-income and being illegal immigrants puts a strain on the family so many ways. Maria is born into this crucial world not knowing the hardships she is about to face. Through each stage of Maria’s development she will encounter situations that will shape her into the young successful lady she can become regardless of her socioeconomic status. During Maria first couple hours within this world she had some complications breathing and was placed in the NICU at Brenner’s Children Hospital. Her family stayed with her until the care team got Maria stable and knew she was going to survive the misfortune of her lungs not being fully developed. Not only did this medical condition affect tiny Maria but her parents, as well as, her siblings. The parents were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House located a few blocks away from the hospital but only one could stay at a time due to someone had to take care of the other children whom weren’t allowed to visit Maria. Children under 12 aren’t allowed to visit any NICU patients to cut down on the germs…

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