Maria Menendez Application Essay My Life

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Maria Menendez Application Essay My life, there is no simple explanation as to what has led me to this journey. How should I start; Born in Cuba Immigrated to Spain where my life there was quite a Challenge, as a student in a convent turned into an all girl’s school. My ideas were challenged daily by religion, hunger, abuse, poverty, dictatorship and yet Interesting enough I would not change my childhood in any way since it has made me the Person I am today. I clearly recall one winter early in the morning very cold and snowing, so damp it hurt; My mother’s to walk with me such a long way to and from school. She was Putting on my thick blue coat with my scarf, gloves and hat as we headed out the door. The daily routine to walk the long 45 minutes to school where Graciously and without any complaints I had been accepted by the mother superior. This was a favor to my mom without having the ability to pay. There I would have 3 meals a day, a relief to my mother since we were immigrants in the Country and without a Job food was very scarce. Thinking back I don’t think I have ever told her how thankful I am for all her efforts. Reading this is almost comical and sounds like a fairytale but It is my life. As we moved to the United States we settled in New Jersey at first and Shortly we moved to NYC where I attended school. My entire life changed I was no Longer a Hispanic child I was part of this culture I had submerged myself into there were No latin’s in my neighborhood. There…

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