Marge Piercy 's Poem ' Barbie Doll ' Essays

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In Marge Piercy’s poem “Barbie Doll”, she provides her commentary on stereotypical gender role and the pressure for female from society. The society has high expectations on how the “girlchild” should look like and act like that a woman should look pretty and cute and try her best to reach the expectation and social standard. The girl, in the poem, her reaction towards these social comments are quite strong which makes her doubt even hate herself so that she cuts off her nose and her legs. “Barbie Doll”, the title of the poem, symbolized the ideal but unrealistic body images that the society expects women to conform, which even bring negative effect to women’s self-perception of themselves. Even though the girl is intelligent and healthy, she receives the criticism that her figure does not satisfy society’s ideal woman image; instead, she has a flat nose and thick legs. Because that the modern society focuses on the external not the internal side of individuality, people always change themselves because of others’ judgment and the craving of satisfying social expectation which sometimes is unrealistic and difficult to reach. The society asserts that women are meant to be beautiful not strong and intelligent like men, hence "she went to and fro apologizing," that the girl has to apologize for her intelligence and strength, and sacrifices or even cut her nose and legs off in order to look like an ideal female character in the aesthetic of the society.
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