Margaret Fuller 's Woman Of The World And Heaven Essay example

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Summary: Margaret Fuller, author of Woman in the Nineteenth Century argues that humanity will only become suited for the beauty of the world and heaven when “freedom for Woman as much as for Man shall be acknowledged as a right, not yielded as a concession”. The essay begins to show a claim, counter-claim, and refutation format and through this, Fuller argues that women should be equal. Fuller begins her essay with explaining how deeply embedded this idea that women are inferior to men by giving an example of a common phrase of time. She explains how these is not only unfair but also unreasonable because why would a God, who is perfect, create inferior beings and give them less intellectual gifts. This alleged lack of reason is why, she believes, women are not allowed to voice, publically, their opinions. Her counter to this argument is an idea from “the other side” saying that every man has the influence of a woman he cares about, so women do not need representation. The refutation Fuller provides is that women cannot be properly represented if they are not allowed to give their own ideas because men do not always have women’s best “wishes” in mind. Fuller’s next argument is that women, though portrayed as hysterical, are able to be strong physically and mentally in more ways than just in the home. Fuller uses an example of the treatment of slaves to advocate her opinion that women are forced to work hard and get none of the rewards of doing so. Fuller then…

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