Margaret Atwood Oryx And Clark Childhood Analysis

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In Margaret Atwood’s book, Oryx and Crake Childhood plays an important role in the lives of all characters. Jimmy has constant flashbacks to his childhood, which explains how his childhood shaped his whole life. The story takes place in the future where Jimmy lives with his scientifically oriented parents in an isolated compound. The compound has no value for those who are not scientifically capable. However, Jimmy is more of a “word person” and his talent is mostly unappreciated in his world (Atwood 74). His parents are emotionally distant and concerned about Jimmy’s poor logical skills. As a result, Jimmy feels frustrated as he is unable to connect to his parents. So, due to Jimmy’s fascination with language and an emotionally distant relationship with his parents during his childhood compromise his self confidence and ability to build new relations along with the sense of insecurity which lasts throughout his life. Jimmy develops sense of insecurity as a …show more content…
His mother’s own personal problems have devastating affects on Jimmy’s life. His father’s disappointment for Jimmy creates a distance between them to a level where he does not care his parent’s perception of him and becomes an introvert who can not connect to anyone. He is basically deprived of happiness that belongs to him, moreover everything that he desires or anyone he loves is taken away from him at various stages of his life. He sufferings continuous to a point where he is deprived of humanity and language bears no meaning to him. Although, the love and affection he tries to find in humans is given to him by crakers and his is kind of fulfilled with life when the world is destroyed and he has nothing left from his past world. So, Jimmy’s life is a product of his childhood and he tries to combat his insecurities to be a better

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