English Teacher's Influence On Marcy

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Learning to read is one of the most important lessons which we as humans learn to do, and most people have a “literacy story” with moments they consider memorable. In an effort to better explain the role literateness plays in the development of life choices individuals make, Marcy, an English teacher, gave her own story. Throughout Marcy’s life she learned many life lessons concerning literacy. From early on in life Marcy’s reading abilities would go through many changes. She would gain encouragement from her mother and her tenth grade English teacher. However, Marcy would have struggles, and she experienced the effects of having to learn in a remedial learning lab. Her life eventually revolved around books both in her career choices and her …show more content…
Her English teacher’s passion towards literature contributed to Marcy’s own passion for literature, and she flourished. “When I was in tenth grade, I had a super English teacher. He recommended that I read.” The tenth grade was very memorable for Marcy. She still struggled some as she had previously, but her determination allowed her to thrive when she began taking initiative in her English class. “In tenth grade I was failing English, but I would read books, and prepare reports early. I did that on the Red Badge of Courage and spent quite a lot of time on Death Be Not Proud.” She stated, “I loved school. I may have failed it, but I loved it, and I loved my English teacher in the tenth grade. His passion for literature became my passion.” In her learning lab her teacher would allow her to tutor other students. She learned a sensitivity towards students who did not fit the traditional student model, and that awareness helped her tremendously. Marcy recounts, “I was an odd peg among other odd pegs, and I developed an appreciation for those students. It was that teacher, and the nurturing environment of the learning lab who made school my favorite place.” Marcy’s determination and passion for reading ability came from an underlying adoration for reading which she had been exposed to from an early

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