Marcus Garvey And Harlem Radicalism

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Marcus Garvey was a social activist, who strived to make a difference for black futures. His philosophies supported the idea of how blacks should depend on themselves for the re-shaping of their futures. The white supremacist who placed unjustly laws, and everlasting struggles on blacks, would not contribute to blacks having an equal life. On a long conquest of protesting the awareness black identification, Garvey was faced with unwelcoming shortcomings as he protested his opposition of white supremacy throughout Ecuador, Nicaragua, Columbia and other Spanish colonies. Although, after 4 years of many failed attempts, self-educated Garvey returned to his Jamaica, to start an organization and advocate strengthening black communities that would …show more content…
The "Father of Harlem Radicalism", articles on Hubert Harrison, the message seemed to be more of a "practice what you preach". By the average African American staying aware of self, and making conscious decisions we have ability reshape your future just by using our minds in an effective way. By applying the correct strategies for self-was something that he actually modeled. Harrison was a black man who came from the West Indies with nothing; he made it his right to become knowledgeable of politics, economics, sociology literature, and drama by attending night school while working as a bellhop during the day. Harrison exemplified how you must sacrifice for the greater good of yourself. Depending on your abilities and making things happen for self, is a philosophy that I strongly believe in. We have the ability to control our future based off of how you live today, that shapes our economics and identification. The black community can no longer wait on white people to correct their mistakes and provide a better future for

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