Marco Polo And Christopher Columbus Essay

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The exploration and colonization boom of the 16th-17th centuries permanently connected Europe and the Americas, a connection that eventually formed the modern “West.” This new global connection not only created positive effects, but it also created a few negative ones as well. The European and American perspectives vastly changed because of this new connection that was created. Before the connection came to be, Europeans believed there were multiple continents, unaware of how big the world truly was. The Europeans believed that new trade routes, adventures, and the spread of religion could be a good aspect to come out of exploring the world, but it was also dangerous, unknown, and time-consuming. Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus were two European explorers who impacted this global connection greatly.
When Marco Polo and Cristopher Columbus explored the Americas, they discovered their strange nature. Marco Polo inspired Christopher Columbus to go on his voyages to explore the world. Marco Polo states that in the Mongolian culture men can marry their mother, tell women what to do, and they live off milk and meat (The Travels of Marco Polo). Polo portrays the Mongols as intelligent, yet dismissing the fact that they are slightly original ideals. On the other hand, Christopher Columbus discovered the Caribbean Islands and what he thought was Asia but was America. According to the Voyage of Christopher Columbus, upon arrival, both sexes were naked and afraid as they stood in…

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