Marching Band Observation Report

Few people outside the marching band world realize the amount of time and effort that goes into assembling the perfect halftime show; months of preparation take place, and, then, rehearsals begin up until competition. Everyone involved, including band directors and band members, must contribute to the overall success of the marching band. Months before marching season begins, all materials must be prepared. This includes drill, coordinate sheets, and music. Usually, a drill writer is hired to prepare drill charts for the entire band. These charts accurately show the formation of the band and where on the field each member should stand. Drill charts also provide information on what each section will be doing during a certain set. For example, …show more content…
During band camp, the band will go through music rehearsals, sectionals, and marching rehearsals. When music rehearsals begin, the director will conduct the band as they read through the music in front of them. Each instrument has their own part that will contribute to the entire sound. As the band plays through their music, the director will make notes of points in the music that need addressing; maybe the trombones missed a note or the flutes played the wrong rhythm. Apart from full band playing rehearsal, each section will have sectionals where they will focus solely on their own music. This helps each section get familiar with their music and apply what they learned to the next full band playing rehearsal. Also, during sectionals, section leaders will attend to marching fundamentals, reviewing the proper way to march while on the field. When the entire band goes to the drill field for marching rehearsal, every member is equipped with an instrument, music, and a coordinate sheet. The band will find the opening set by referring to their coordinate sheets. From that point, everyone will find the next set and memorize it. This process will go on until all sets have been memorized. Then, the band will play their music while marching between sets. These rehearsals will continue into the school year until every element in the show has been

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