Marcel Duchamp’s “the Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even”

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Marcel Duchamp was an innovative groundbreaking artist who during his lifetime continually pushed the boundaries of the current art scene. Due to his pioneering in art, he had a definitive influence upon artistic styles to come. Duchamp is typically grouped in to the Dadaist or Surrealist movements, however his involvement in the art world is worth more than just being placed into a category. In particular, his work “The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even” or “The Large Glass” shows just how much he can test the limits of art during his time. Duchamp was receiving much notoriety, both good and bad after painting “Nude Descending a Staircase”. At this time, World War I was making Paris a rather uncomfortable home for him, so he …show more content…
The rods exiting the chocolate grinder are attached to another contraption. This apparatus appears to be based upon a waterwheel and is attached to a set of circular feet. Across both panels are many large cracks. They add an interesting chaotic element to the piece. It’s hard to imagine that they were the result of an accident when the piece was moving because they look so deliberate and really strengthen the piece. It is also likely that Duchamp enjoyed the concept that something completely accidental enhanced his deliberate action. The accidental cracks add an even more intriguing element to an already intriguing piece. Upon viewing The Large Glass, one of the other most interesting elements is the variety of materials it is made from. Instead of paints on canvas or sculpture, it is a little of both but yet neither. It consists of two large sheets of glass suspended vertically. The glass is riddled with cracks and shatters, but is intact due to its metal frame. The figures themselves are constructed using very interesting means. They are all painted with earth toned paints or other elements and then lined with lead wire. On some of them, the dust from his New York studio can be seen embedded in the paints, creating a rather interesting texture. Each element appears to be made with a slightly different technique that captivates the viewer and adds many appealing features. Another appealing feature

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