Marc Chagall : An Artist Essay

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Marc Chagall is considered as one of the most popular artists of the 20th Century, famous for his poetic, surreal imagery that represent a topsy-turvy world, combining fantasy and spiritually with a modernist style. Although the famous modern artist Marc Chagall is not only known as a Jewish artist, his background is the vehicle through which he sees the world and becomes the language of his universally valid art. Chagall once remarked in the Yiddish literary journal Shtrom in 1922 as “Leaves from My Notebook”: “If I were not a Jew… I would not have been an artist, or I would be a different artist altogether.” The interwove of Chagall’s Jewish background and his multi-cultural life experience has contributed a lot to his artistic inspiration and made him become the center of a cultural vortex. Chagall’s innovative, abstract style is his key to success in his career. Chagall once lived in Russia during the first two decades in the 1900s. In November of 1920, the landmark Yiddish Chamber Theatre of Petrograd moved to Moscow, Chagall moved to Moscow in the same year. In the heat of the Revolution in Russia at that time, Granofsky began building this theatre. This theatre is themed on the Yiddish culture, which is one branch of the Jewish culture; comparing to the Hebrew culture, the Yiddish appeared later and is more affected by the East European culture, it was considered as a novel Jewish culture at that time. Chagall created a mural of the Yiddish theatre in 1920…

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