Maple Leaf Shoes Case Study Essay

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Chapter #1:
What are some changes within Maple Leaf Shoes and in its environment that have caused a shift in its strategy? List the challenges facing the company using the classification provided in your text. Many things at Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd. has changed since the takeover. The management style has changed drastically causing low employee morale and lowered productivity since there is not as much concern for individual employees as there was before the takeover. The addition of technological changes that intended to decrease costs and help deal with global competitors have also put a damper on employee relations and have not had success with improving productivity. Many of the changes have been to improve the firm’s success however
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With this being said, the strategy to improve Maple Leaf Shoes’s financial position, has also caused low employee morale and negative union reaction. Maple Leaf Shoes also signed an agreement with a local television network to use their characters on their shoes to attract young children and increase their sales. Productivity within Maple Leaf Shoes has not shown an improvement in the last three years most likely because of the downsizing and negative relations that employees feel towards their employer in its attempts to decrease costs and keep up exports. This could also be related to the instability of the Human Resource Department and the lack of processes within Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd.
The number of employees have decreased substantially since the takeover and Maple Leaf Shoes is experiencing high turnover rates of top management. This could be attributed to the major change in management styles where previously Mansini knew all of his workers by name and always took the time to acquire about their welfare whereas since the takeover happened this is most likely not the case since the firm modernized to increase efficiency and gross margin without real regards for the employees. Maple Leaf Shoes has attempted to fill management positions through internal promotions and transfers however in two years 114 of Maple Leaf Shoes workers were either let go or quit due to

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