Essay on Mao Zedong And The Revolution Of China

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Mao Zedong got power by promising to make China better in 1950-1976. Communism is a way of organizing a society in which the government 's goal is to have social, political and economic equality that is ruled by a dictator. Mao Zedong did not make a better society economically because landlords were forced to leave their property, their society was not doing well and the society socially had religion and culture destroyed and including discrimination towards landlords.
Mao Zedong did not make a better society economically because the society was not doing so well, especially landlords were negatively benefited. In document #1 by Wang Xin who was a Chinese peasant that worked on the farm wanted to talk about the changes that happened under communist rule to people interested in the revolution of China in 1984. He had been part of a peasant family in where they were benefited from the reforms. However, landlords got their land taken away. This proves how landlords were not benefited and were forced out their homes. They became less independent and was harder for them to live in good conditions. In document #9, by an unknown author who was an economist in Per Capita in the 1950’s-2000 wanted to provide information on the value of goods and services to people interested in GDP. During Mao’s rule, services and goods did not increase. Mao did not make a better society because since there was no increase in services and goods, it was just stagnant, there wasn’t no increase in…

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