Many Cases Of Police Brutality

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Lately, there have been many cases of police brutality occurring. It would seem that the police brutality rate was going through the roof in the past year or two, but is it really? Are there increasingly outbreaking coverages on police brutality, which there wasn’t before because we didn’t simply have the same amount of technology or is the rate going up by itself? It’s very hard to say it is, but why don’t we find out if police brutality is common or not. Many reasons state that it’s casual occurrence, but there are also many reasons stating that it isn’t that common of an occurrence. To actually judge whether police brutality is common, there are many factors to take into consideration before coming up with a reasonable conclusion. …show more content…
It only takes one police brutality case against a minority. See the way police system of catching criminals is kind of favoring targeting African Americans because 11 percent more African Americans than white people are incarcerated for drug offenses. So it isn’t really police fault if they have to get violence in order to arrest these drug addicts. Plus, when we bring up that police brutality is common( happens all the freaking time), is kind of wrong to assume because 1.4% police encounter with civilians, end up having officer use violence towards the civilians. There are 67 million encounters between police and society, only 1.4% of them ‘end up with violence. One more reason police have to use police brutality is because if the criminals don’t resist, then the police don’t need to use violence in order to arrest them. Actually, from 2002-2008 police brutality rate went down 0.2%, which doesn’t sound a lot, but it is enormous because when you are talking millions any percentage matters. Let 's add on another alarming stats, which is that 22% people had either cursed/verbally threaten the police in 2008. If you take that into account, then what is the police supposed to do when they are threatened or in danger of being harmed themselves. If they threaten to hurt you and you respond by defending yourself and that is called self-defense. When you really look deeper into police brutality, and most of the killing cops do, it’s natural right or nonsense on stilts. As many times what people see on TV, they assume to be current and on tv they play one case a lot, which would make people assume it must be common, but that 's is not always the case. What I am saying is that in the modern day with all these technologies, we can capture and give more coverage of police brutality. Making it seem it’s

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