Manual Blood Pressure Case Study

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Patchwork one reflects on a student nurse taking a manual blood pressure and is included in appendix B along with the scenario in which the skill was found which is included in appendix A. This patch will critically review manual blood pressure. It will then go on to critically review my development and competence throughout the programme by looking at the gold standard in relation to manual blood pressure. Furthermore, it will look at the contemporary issues in practice related to manual blood pressure and a twelve month action plan to show how I will improve my competency by point of registration. Followed by a conclusion to round the essay off.
Blood pressure is one of the standard recordings in a clinical area (Fallon, 2015). It is thought that manual recording of blood pressure gives a more
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Furthermore, the blood pressure cuff should be wrapped snugly around the upper arm above the antecubital area (the inner elbow) (Allen, Ballestas, Bates, Green, Kenny & Sheff, 2008). Benes et al. (2015) suggests the arm cuff should be maintained at the level of the heart throughout the positioning. Anast, Olejniczak, Ingrande & Brock-Utne (2015) undertook a study on the impact of the blood pressure cuff location accuracy. The study considered putting the cuff on the forearm and the upper arm; it was found that for accurate blood pressure monitoring direct arterial measurement should be considered over non-invasive blood pressure measurements in obese patients (Olejniczak, Ingrande & Brock-Utne, 2015). Nevertheless, the cuff should not be loose on the patient as this can create a false high reading (Allen et al., 2009). Additionally, the patient’s forearm should be level with the heart failure to do this can lead to an overestimation of systolic and diastolic pressure (Beevers, Lip & O’Brien,

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