Essay about Manpower Recruitment Agency Is A Limited Liability Company

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Waas manpower recruitment agency is a limited liability company which provides contingent and permanent workforce solution to the private and public sector business organizations in Sri Lanka. The company offers for its customers, a good quality and highly qualified professionals in order to fulfill the customer requirements. It will be equipped with the experts who are specialized in various fields to provide accounting, finance, IT, legal consultation, marketing, cleaning services and other clerical services for a wide range of organizations and individuals. In addition to providing suitable candidates to the job vacancies, the company will be provided services such as reference checks, skills evaluation, interviewing of applicants, selecting the most suitable employees for its corporate clients. In simple terms, Waas is going to be the client’s human resource department.
It is going to be started as a limited liability company which defines its directors or shareholders are not personally liable for company’s debts and liabilities (Limited Liability Company - LLC, n.d.). Its administration and control are running under the board of directors which consists of two independent non-executive directors and one executive directors. Thirty employees are working in the organization as full time employees who are well capable and experienced in the field. The company will be founded in 2016 and it will be situated in Kottawa in Western Province. According to the current…

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