Manned vs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Combat Essay

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ABSTRACT The intent of this proposal argument is to show that manned aircraft should be utilized in combat and multi-role missions over Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The major differences between manned and unmanned aircraft will be explored. The issues of cost, payload capacity, situational awareness and effectiveness, their role in combat conditions, and the pilot’s decision making capabilities in both aircraft will all be covered in the proposal. In addition, the history and how each type of aircraft came about will be discussed in order to show the experience level and usefulness of manned and unmanned aircraft. Many of the current ideas the military has about what should be the course of action when it comes to manned and unmanned …show more content…
They are expandable and can carry a lethal or non-lethal payload. The primary function of the UAV is airborne surveillance reconnaissance and target acquisition.
The F9F Panther became the first Navy manned jet fighter to shoot down another fighter in 1947 (Pike). Through 2040, the F-35 will be the premier strike aircraft, second only to the F-22 Raptor (Jean). These manned jets are employed for air superiority, neutralizing enemy aircraft, and providing air support. Manned aircraft are equipped with copious types of ordinances for a variety of situations that the UAV’s are lacking. Those ordinances used for day and night strikes include precision guided weapons, anti- air warfare, fighter escort, close air support, suppression of enemy air defense, maritime strike, reconnaissance, forward air control, and capabilities as a tanker (Weitz). Military victory is dependent on the flexibility to protect allied airspace, as well as eliminating ground targets that only manned aircraft can provide.
The deployment of UAV’s has only recently started, making its first appearance in 1999 (Colon). According to the United States Department of the Navy, unmanned aircraft make up one percent of the United State’s aerial inventory. Raul Colon wrote in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A Brief Look at the United States UAV-RPA Strategic Vision, “UAV’s have been used by the

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