Manipulative Advertising : Deceptive Advertising Essays

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Manipulative Advertising
The TV is on and just as a show is about to get good, it goes to a commercial break. It’s just a generic toothpaste commercial but the person presenting the toothpaste says “Four out of five dentists recommend this product.” (Examples of Manipulative Advertising)Whether people realize it or not this is a form of manipulative advertising. Whether it’s on the computer, the television, or even the radio, these advertisements appear everywhere. Companies try to trick the consumer into buying their product. They are able to do this by displaying their advertisements to appeal to a certain buyer. (Examples of Manipulative Advertising) Manipulative advertising is an immoral way for companies to make money off of the average uninformed buyer by using devious tactics to mislead them into purchasing the company 's products.
The advertising companies have figured the best methods on how to exploit people into buying their products. There are around four of the most commonly used tactics by companies to exploit people 's decisions on what products they buy. One of these methods that they use is attractiveness. People seem more interested in a product when an attractive person is presenting it. (Examples of Manipulative Advertising) Lots of beer companies have used attractive females before to present their product because majorities of the people who buy their product are straight males. Another way the companies will try to manipulate you is by using an expert…

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